Diet for kidney sand
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Diet in atherosclerosis
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Diet Pritykina
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the Creator of this diet is Pritikin Nathan, it is widely known to the public as the founder Prityckogo longevity center in California. It was first time published in 1979. But in 1991 his son, based on the achievements of the Pope, has created a book with the title "Method pritykina — victory over obesity". Since that time, the diet pritykina became world-famous, its feature is a small part of fat and high in carbohydrates.If you're chased by the desire to quickly lose excess weight, then this diet is what you need. But starting to use it, you will be required to hold detailed records of calories consumed. Maximum per day you can consume no more than 1000 calories.Products, which can be used in the application diet, is a variety of fruits or vegetables, potatoes, lean fish and meat.Foods that are strictly prohibited to use in the application of diet is a variety of coffee and tea, honey, sugar and alcoholic beverages.Diet is necessary to observe a few days. But strict rules do not exist, you have the right to choose when to end the diet. Although it is by no means impossible to continue for more than 1 week.When using this diet women there is one problem consists in the complexity stop in time. This happens due to the fact that those extra pounds quickly reduced, and women want to lose weight even more. But if long time to use the diet, it may be detrimental to health. So if your weight has decreased by several kilos, worth the stay. If you have the desire to continue a diet pritykina, can you repeat it after about two months.
Diet after poisoning
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Diet for kidney stones
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Diet for cleansing the body
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Green diet
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Diet for sedentary workers
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Diet Larisa Guzeeva
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Larisa Guzeeva is a popular actress and TV presenter. Last year she said about his desire to lose weight and participated in the project "lose Weight with StarHit". Did our heroine to keep the promise and is there a diet Larisa Guzeeva?
Diet for migraine
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Diet for endometriosis
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Diet for psoriasis
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Diet "Three fists"
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Want to lose weight, but the thought of the upcoming counting calories, and at the same time serious limitations in food cancels this natural desire? We suggest you take the advice of the doctor-the therapist and the nutritionist Oleg Turn. His diet is Three fists is sure to help you reach your goal (this power system is truly universal — it will allow how to get rid of extra pounds, and score missing).
Diet Edith Piaf
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Edith Piaf (Edith Giovanna Gassion) died in 1963, but still her songs are admirable. Diet Edith Piaf continues to interest fans of the artist – what steps allowed famous the French to stay in shape?it is believed that to maintain the form of Edith Piaf twice a year resorted to one of the variations of the French diet. The duration it takes only 2 weeks. On the diet to exclude sugar, salt, alcohol, flour products (including bread).As rapid weight loss can cause some sagging of the body during the diet should pay attention to physical exercise. Exercise should not be exhausting — it is only important to maintain optimal muscle tone.
Diet Elena Anisimova
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Diet "80-10-10"
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Diet Dr. Brusnikina
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Diet doctor Brusnikina causes an active interest. Unfortunately, detailed guidelines of this technique of weight loss is available only to those who decided to pay them a certain amount of money.
Diet "8 bricks"
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