Diet ADO
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Andrei Dmitrievich ADO — honored worker of science, Professor and doctor of medical Sciences. In Soviet times, he distinguished himself in the field of pathological physiology, Allergology and immunology. Diet ADO helps to neutralize the allergic symptoms and reduce the risk of their occurrence in the future.
How to get out of the diet?
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Diet "Minus pound"
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Three weeks of protein-carbohydrate diet
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the Essence of such protein-carbohydrate diet is simple: the 1st day of protein-carbohydrate, then the alternation of 2 days on protein one carbohydrate. Protein days, the body will burn the unnecessary fat and amount of carbohydrates will not exceed the required body normal.the Duration of the diet: 21 days. During this period, you will get rid from 3-5 kg of excess weight that will not come back. Do not worry if weight during carbohydrate days will increase, it is quickly go away during protein days.
Kefir diet for gastritis and gastric ulcer
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If you have a severe complication after gastritno or ulcerative diseases of the stomach, it from dairy products you can only easy milk. When you have recovered or almost recovered, you will be very useful to use not only milk, but the yogurt here only it is necessary to take only not greasy and sour.
Diet "day after Day"
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Diet Maggi
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What mono-diet?
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Keto diet
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the Keto diet is based on significant cuts in the proportion of carbohydrates. It is the lack of our main "fuel" in the body starts burning mechanism of fat.
Diet 4A
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the fermentation Processes in the intestine creates a lot of problems. To solve them allows diet 4A at Pevsner.
The most effective diet in the world
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Diet Threw
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Diet figure skaters
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a Career in figure skating and weight – the concepts are completely incompatible. However, the sport forces you to spend a huge amount of energy, so the nutrition of athletes should stay balanced and full. So what is the notorious diet of skaters and does it exist in reality? You can learn the answer to this interesting question.
Diet in acute pancreatitis
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As practice shows, only one medical treatment often cannot alleviate the patient's condition. Diet in acute pancreatitis creates prerequisites for the reduction of the inflammatory process affecting the pancreas.
Test "Individual diet"
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to decide what diet suits you best, go test are presented below.
Diet Lydia Ionova
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Anti-aging diet
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Diet Dikul
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