Diet 4A
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the fermentation Processes in the intestine creates a lot of problems. To solve them allows diet 4A at Pevsner.
Diet for high blood sugar
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Diet after operations on the intestine
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Diet in acute pancreatitis
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As practice shows, only one medical treatment often cannot alleviate the patient's condition. Diet in acute pancreatitis creates prerequisites for the reduction of the inflammatory process affecting the pancreas.
Salt-free diet of Wellness Gerson
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Many of the modern diets were designed by professional doctors, who were trying to bring under it scientific base. There is even the term "diet", i.e. "health food". It is often the key to successful treatment and General health improvement.In this article we will look at the diet of the German doctor max Gerson, which is key to the health of a person is considered a salt.... He believed that human health is directly dependent on how and in what quantity he uses this product. He developed the theory that salt is an activator or catalyst of many diseases. His method of healing he experienced on himself, getting rid of chronic migraine.
Diet Anna Seiler-House
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at the hospital In Bern to a complex diet, which was developed by dietitian Anna Seiler-house. The complex is composed of three diets that contain different amounts of calories. You can pick up the most suitable for you, one of the options of this diet, because they are designed for 1500, 1200 and 1000 calories.
Diet targeting anorexics
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Anorexia nervosa – a life-threatening condition that involves the almost complete rejection of food. It is easy to understand that a diet targeting anorexics have extremely low calorie content. Any of the proposed options should not be used without checking with your doctor.
Cholesterol-lowering diet
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Diet for liver disease
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Diet with high acidity of the stomach
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Diet from Alsu
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Diet Victoria Boni
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Kefir diet for constipation
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Delayed bowel movement is a common disorder of the body. First aid – apply natural laxatives. A diet based on the yogurt a day exposure will really help to resolve this issue.
Diet Peta Wilson
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Diet No. 0
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This medical table assumes the most severe restrictions – diet 0 is used for the rehabilitation of patients after surgery (in particular, on the organs of digestion). The nutrition plan has 3 options – 0A, 0б and 0V. They are used consistently.
Diet Nicole Kidman
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Nicole Kidman – popular actress, who has a chiseled figure and perfect appearance. Diet Nicole Kidman enjoys high popularity – she helped our heroine to recover form after a long-awaited pregnancy (during the pregnancy, Nicole has gained 10 kg weight loss).
Diet for tachycardia
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Tachycardia is characterized by the acceleration of the rhythm of heart contractions that occur due to a number of reasons. Diet for tachycardia creates conditions for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
Diet Natalia Oreiro
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