Diet for business people
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This diet allows you to lose per week 4-6 kg of excess weight. As it involves the variety of options recommended dishes, stick to it quite easily.
Diet "Cabbage soup"
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the Main component of this diet, cabbage soup you can consume in any amount and with any frequency throughout the cycle diet.When used appropriately, this diet — during the week, when alternating with two weeks of a normal diet — it is safe for the health nutrition program, which included the abundance of the vital vegetables and fruit, and the fat content is minimal.
Diet David Weil
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The Polish diet
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the Polish diet is quite varied — the menu includes lots of vegetables and fruits and other usual products of the Slavs. During this diet you do not need to starve, the main thing — a balanced diet. Winter-spring, when fresh vegetables and fruits a little, you can include sauerkraut, canned vegetables and fruit, juices. But the day is allowed to consume up to four glasses of liquids (including soup, soups, coffee, tea, etc.).
Balanced diet
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Willpower or why is it so hard to diet?
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Personal diet
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Diet with Apple cider vinegar
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If you are not ready for radical changes in your diet, but still want to lose weight, try to experience the effectiveness of diet with Apple cider vinegar. This method of getting rid of excess body weight will help you reset monthly to one or two pounds, and to achieve the desired result, you do not have to abruptly abandon the favorite eating habits.
Diet temperament
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on the Basis of individual peculiarities of character and temperament, people are divided into phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic and sanguine. Needless to say, each of these types has its own distinctive features, which directly affect their lives. In this regard, and has developed diet by temperament – it allows you to build an effective system of weight loss based on certain psychological aspects.
Astrological diet for "hot" signs of the zodiac
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this article describes the astrological diet for the active / "hot", according to the astrological concepts of zodiac signs:
Psychological diet
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an Unprecedented experiment was carried out by one of the most popular Ukrainian TV channels, was able to demonstrate that – wanting to lose weight, you must reconsider its attitude to present and past life situations. It is this psychological diet enables you to achieve the best and most importantly, consistent results. The essence of this technique?
The diet from God (the law of kashrut)
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The rules of the diet
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one or The other diet will not bring the expected result and will not be effective if you do not comply with certain requirements out of it. So, experts recommend during the first weeks after the diet the same order not to gain extra pounds in the future, the diet should include more fruits and vegetables. The fact that these foods contain a lot of fiber and have fewer calories. And therefore when they are used although there is a rapid saturation, but the weight gain calving not observed. In addition, plant food is a source of essential nutrients — vitamins and minerals.
Choose a balanced diet
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Diet for the lazy
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