Birch juice

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Birch juice, canned
309 - 30м -
Came to grandma's just in time for birch SAP. Grandma shared her recipe. We loved it! I advise you to try.
Ear on birch juice
215 - 60м 6
In birch SAP contains fruit sugar, tanning substances, vitamins and microelements. Offer "bituminite" soup and cook it on the stove )))
Skewers, soaked in birch SAP
168 - - -
Kebab in Belarusian differs from others in that the meat is soaked or marinated in fermented birch juice or kvass bread. Since we now have spring, and that wonderful time, when from birch trees down juice, not use it would be stupid on my part)))
Cocktail Berezka
165 3 5м 1
Dedicated to all lovers of birch SAP!
Birch SAP
164 4 - -
Now is the season for birch juice and it's a shame that it ends quickly. I want to offer two recipes, how to store it until summer. Maybe can be useful to someone!
Kvass from birch juice without yeast
160 - 10м 15
Birch juice to kvass I use every spring, as long as it is. He is not getting it, but buy in the nearest village from a trusted person. He suggested recipe – how to make brew at the birch SAP without the use of a yeast starter culture. The juice seller told me to add sugar, only bread, he wraps it in gauze and put it in the container. I didn't use the bread and biscuits, without any gauze. The first time add sugar did not, but for my taste, the drink has still sour, so next time still added sugar. And, of course, not for everybody.

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