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Peruvian appetizer "Kauza"
469 - - -
Despite the fact that the original dish is a section of appetizers, it's very rich, so I personally suitable as a main :) Here it is for you to decide.
Grill salad "For company"
452 - - -
Often make this salad, its peculiarity is that it can be prepared in the evening, after standing in the refrigerator, it becomes even more delicious. No one meal I can't do without it! Under the barbecue essential! Another advantage of this salad, as it is to prepare large pieces, then those who do not like a certain vegetable, you just haven't put on my own plate.
Snack "Pinto"
442 3.3 - -
This is my favorite salad that I always order in a cafe when my husband and I dine there. The name is not changed, and as for the recipe, you did that on your own, using the ingredients that are in the original recipe. Forgive me chef of this establishment if I did not, but was very - very tasty!
Salad "Odessa"
392 3 40м 8
If you still think that the Ukrainian cuisine is well-known borscht with pampushkas, vareniki Yes fat, you are deeply mistaken. Modern Ukrainian cooking does not lag behind the European fashion, while she still hearty and very affordable. See for yourself, visit a Ukrainian restaurant or prepare the salad in this recipe.
Salad with chickpeas and vegetables
389 - 600м 4
Look how beautiful, healthy and tasty salad. It's a complete dish. Like it? I really. Try it!
Salad "Viva"
380 3 30м 6
The Mediterranean coast. Evening. The light breeze. In the foam of the waves reflect the stars, the lights of coastal restaurants and all this... just for You. This salad will give You the best of everything that can give a woman the nature of the Mediterranean. The contest "Scarlett March 8"

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