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Wine from black chokeberry
307 3 40м -
Soon the summer is here when can we use this recipe.
Pickles "Mom"
298 3 - -
They're so delicious and crispy! Thank you mom, learn to make vegetables a fairy tale.
Pickled cucumbers "a's get cracking"
285 - - -
I love crispy greenbacks and salted cucumbers. It so happened that in that year we made the yard a tile, where I grew up hell, with horror, I began to think how Nabilosat delicious pickles without hell. At me it well turned out. Cook the third time. It is now my signature recipe. Recipe of category - daily pickles.
The juice from chernoplodku
278 - - -
Very tasty! As will soon leave for the summer with the baby in the cottage, would like to share with you a recipe given to me by a neighbor at the cottage, Konkova N.
Maturing salted cucumbers
249 4 - -
Tasty, crunchy and very quickly colada
Pickled cucumbers "Mom"
235 - - -
The recipe for these pickles I got from my mom. I can say that this is the most delicious pickles I've tried. Yes, and the method of cooking the marinade is different from all what I saw. Doing exactly as my mother taught me, and try as accurately as possible to bring this recipe to you. Immediately I apologize for the unnecessary details in the frame, but I not only shut the cucumbers, but at the same time cooking dinner and tried to communicate with the child.

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