Liver duck

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Salad "villager"
152 - 60м 8
The salad is quite nutritious and may act as an independent dish.
Liver duck "Butter"
130 - 40м 5
Delicious duck liver. The recipe author.
Tartlets with liver pate and mushrooms
125 3 - 7
Crumbly tartlets from shortcake dough with cheese and sesame seeds, stuffed with tender duck liver pâté, stewed in cream with cherries, mushrooms and leeks under a transparent jelly.. Just enjoy! The contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Pear with foie Gras
122 4 15м 1
The duck liver pâté
122 - - -
A delicious pate that will appeal to all! For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Terrine with apples in galantine
112 - 60м 12
In other words - pate of duck liver baked with apples ... galantine. Well, no, it may well be that someone and be afraid of the word "galantine". Well it's because almost fantastic character. There, Filatov, remember? "... Dash eating rice, Filat had a salad. Ustin ate galantine...." Believe me – nothing to worry about. It's just a jelly, really. See this yellowish layer is it. Galantine. With apples inside. And that below – it's all pate. Tenopathy.

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