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Team meat Soljanka
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Arrived cold and wet weather, by this time the soup arrived. Well, what could be better than soup in this weather? But if a glass? It is a fairy tale. Solyanka is like borscht, everyone has their own, according to this I want to share his many years of proven prescription.
The meat in the captain's
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This is a dish I remember from childhood. My mom made it on major holidays and when it was ready, my brother and I were running and stealing the potatoes in pieces - it was really very delicious :) Now I have two kids who eat the same as I was at their age - picking their Cutlery on the plate, thinking that it will be sweeter and tastier :) With the meat in the captain's things differently- sweep the plate for five seconds, ask for seconds, and then ran to the pan to steal another slice of potatoes :) a Few tips: 1. do not pour a lot of cheese. if it's a lot, then a cheese layer, under which potatoes will turn out not very tasty. 2. be sure to cut the potatoes into strips
Pulled pork in the slow cooker sleeve
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And once again we return to the idea that a piece of excellent cold homemade meat will not replace your Desk store-bought sausage or meat production. Wonderful pork turned out in the slow cooker, I recommend!
Baked pork neck with French mustard
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Dear friends, I want to bring to your attention the recipe is very flavorful and equally delicious — pork neck baked in the sleeve with French mustard. The neck is the most tender and juicy part of the pork that is perfect for baking in the oven. Especially it turns out juicy and flavorful pork neck in the sleeve, Packed with marinade. Due to the fact that pork is baked in the sleeve, it is cooked in its own juices and not dry out. The meat turns out juicy and incredibly tasty both hot or cold, especially good for sandwiches. Be sure to try to practice the recipe for pork neck sleeve marinated in French mustard is very delicious!
Pork wassce
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I do not know how anyone, but my husband loves grilled meat, but rarely gets it))) Just as holiday meals! Romantic dinner - just the case - I cooked the pork in wassce, with a few additions-changed the third. Dish Hungarian cuisine. The meat is tender and juicy with meat flavor, not clogged with marinade and spices is loved very much. Try? Favorite to share!)))
Barbecue "Traditional"
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I called this recipe "Traditional", because it's always cooked skewers only him and nothing else. And so it was not boring, alternate dark beer, dry wine, and experimenting with herbs. Sometimes in addition to the above ingredients, I use a mixture of herbs for barbecue, purchased in the open market for our Asian friends. IMPORTANT: Use only the NECK!!! No other part of pork is not suitable for cooking on skewers. Bow in any case not be cut into rings and put between the pieces of meat - it does not give the fry to the meat. But don't worry, we also have onions and marinade and cook, and of course to eat) Marinate the skewers quite 4 hours, but I prefer to marinate in the evening the next day.

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