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Salad "Nostalgia"
0.8k - - -
Went on March 8 in the restaurant, and new ideas began to creep into my head! And here is the result: salad with roasted vegetables, chicken and interesting filling! Try it! It turned out great! Salad called "nostalgia" because I miss summer, ripe vegetables! Too expensive now to eat them, but you need!
Salad "Cruise"
0.6k - 30м 2
I have a habit of trying different not the usual meals in restaurants, and then to repeat them at home. This salad I tried last weekend at the restaurant "Cruise" on the shore near Vladivostok. Easy on the calories and the execution of the salad, just for us girls. Give vigor and energy in the period of spring avitaminosis.
Profiteroles with blue cheese
474 - 60м 20
The recipe is spied in Glamour magazine, tested and firmly attached to your cookbook. Do often fly very quickly under wine and not only. Quickly prepared, in short, suggest!
Quiche with leeks
395 - 70м 8
Dear cooks, offer to bake a delicious pie with leeks. Among the many variants of this wonderful cake this is a very worthy place. Pie is perfect in all respects - it is beautiful, tasty and tender. Recipe taken from the book "the Art of French cuisine" from Julia child. Some ingredients are listed in cups, the Cup volume of 250 ml. my Only deviation is that I used blue cheese instead of the usual solid, highly recommend, it's delicious.
Blue eggs with artichoke "Metro-boulot rated-dodo"
316 - 40м 1
Once in France, the already discussed monotonous rhythm of life of the Parisians: a morning ride on the subway, all day at work, short night at home and sleep, after which the cycle repeats. French writer Pierre Bearn has given this phenomenon of urban life comprehensive definition of "Metro-boulot rated-dodo" (subway-work-sleep), which instantly became popular. But even in such a daily routine citizens find the time for a measured conversation over dinner, combining the operational issues with the pleasure of gastronomic delights. Today our lunch will be quick, easy to prepare and with a spicy dash of classic French blue cheese.
Pasta with beef in a creamy cheese sauce "Montagues and Capulets"
309 3 - -
Montague, juicy slices of flavorful beef, the Capulets elastic pasta from durum wheat.. and the love between them is like a soft tenderness Dor blue... and the feud between them is as the sharp arrows - a touch of grated Parmesan... a Hearty, mouth-watering, for all pasta lovers!!! Be careful, there is a risk of overeating! The dish is so delicious and flavorful that stop can be very difficult... :-)

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