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What to cook from Squash more

Soup-puree of squash with celery and sweet peppers
198 4 30м 4
Season zucchini, squash and eggplant. So I made this easy dish to vary the menu of their loved ones. The husband ate and noted an unusual taste.
Caviar from squash with apples
171 - 120м 9
My friends, I want to offer you a wonderful recipe of caviar from squash with apples. It is also possible that the workpiece to cook zucchini. It turns out tasty and very tender dish! Oh, by the way - this recipe I have 555! Happy...
Eggplant and squash in tomato juice
164 3 40м -
Cool appetizer or salad!
Useful porridge - soup with millet and roasted squash
164 5 40м 4
The idea of this soup-cereal is its usefulness and bystropogon when you have no time for Breakfast, for lunch do not want something long lasting in the mouth and for dinner something light :). Not everyone likes wheat, and not everyone likes squash, but not many know that it is very helpful foods rich in b vitamins (for hair, skin, blood vessels), vitamin PP (to vessel walls), fiber and other organic elements, which our body needs every day. So I decided to present you the recipe of the soup that I got!
Pots-zucchini with ham and mushrooms
160 - 60м 3
Brought from the country 3 squash. Could not resist and made "pots". Hearty, delicious
Meat muffins with mushroom stuffing
157 3 60м 6
I again parked zucchini, secretly, in the stuffing. Let's see what happened!

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