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Salad with tongue and shiitake
393 - 50м 2
Offer to cook a very delicious salad. The structure includes a tongue, oyster mushrooms and pickled cucumber, and dressing moderately spicy, savory, so to speak. Try it, you will not be disappointed!
Salad "South"
384 - 15м -
My 200th recipe is for thrill-seekers and aromas :) The "Search" this is not found, probably hiding under a different name. The salad is very simple and quickly prepared; the longer it stands, the tastier it becomes (well, not a week, of course :) )
Sardines Venetian "Sarde in saôr"
321 - - -
This is one of the most delicious dishes of Venetian cuisine that turns this ordinary fish, like sardines, in a great snack. The recipe is an ancient method used by the Venetian fishermen for preserving food. Over time the recipe, including new ingredients, have acquired more refined tastes.
Roast beef with wine sauce
304 3 90м 8
A good meat dish. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Laksa with shrimp
302 - 60м 6
Laksa with shrimp - this is the Malaysian noodles. As all Asian, it is sharpness, unusual for us, so I have the recipe wrote it, how much you need to add. And you really all the spicy ingredients and add gradually to your taste, then get this soup a real treat.
Steak bison "Inukshuk" with lentil salad
295 - 240м 3
Canada... It's not only maple leaves, the birthplace of hockey, but also a unique nature that somehow allows you to live a fulfilled culinary life. Once people have made a mistake and wiped out the Buffalo. But time passed, and other people already corrected this mistake, and delicious meat of these animals is again on our tables.

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