What to cook from Saskatoon more

Prague Christmas cookies
227 5 120м 8
A very tasty cookie. Tried in Prague for Christmas, very pleased. Recommend for Christmas. Currant - small raisins of raisins, seedless.
Tincture of Saskatoon and currant vodka
169 - - -
Very tasty and soft alcoholic beverage. Has a beautiful color and flavor.
Buckwheat-sesame pie and gleg from Saskatoon
161 - 60м 4
If you are a lover of winter walks with the kids or just a friendly company, be sure to take a thermos with hot spicy Glagol, as well as a few pieces of homemade cake. After a long day on the mound and plenty enough in the snow, you will want something warm to eat. I think everyone will be pleased to eat a piece of pie, washing it down with a warming fragrant berry drink. Gleg involves the presence of alcohol in adults, but it is optional. The cake was prepared according to the motives Italian "Ladin pie" from Elena Bystrova, and gleg from Saskatoon based on "Blueberry gliga" from Thomas Honey - boy of our website.
Scottish loaf
155 5 180м 10
They say the recipe appeared in Scotland in the sixteenth century from Italy, cook it in New year's eve, a variant of the recipe from the edition of 1841 cookbook. I thought that this cake is a rarity.
Compote of Saskatoon for the winter
149 - - -
Delicious and healthy drink. It is easy to prepare. Good support at the winter holiday table especially for children.
Jam Saskatoon
137 - 1м -
A unique recipe for lazy people. Everything is prepared quickly and without problems. The funky taste, the consistency is like jam.

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