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What to cook from Kidney more

Kidneys in batter
444 - 40м 4
This is another recipe from this wonderful product.
Hodgepodge "villager"
271 - 120м -
It's an old Russian rustic dish, this time potatoes with beef giblets cooked my precious husband on February 23 (his gift and the family a treat), so don't judge very strictly by my favorite chef.
Pickle on-Kuban
215 - - -
Very interesting recipe. Soup so came to taste my husband that he literally snilsja two weeks, "Prepare... prepare me the soup again!" how can you resist... of course, cooked! It so turns out that the jubilee recipes, I always get the soup. Not especially, honestly. Here and now - 300-hundredth recipe... soup again...
Hotchpotch of lamb offal
180 - 60м 10
This is actually not quite the original recipe, since I made some adjustments in the prologue recipe will explain why.
176 5 - -
Delicious soup.
Pancakes with liver and egg
153 - 60м -
On our holiday table always stuffed pancakes, usually stuffed with meat. Here is one of the options fillings - from bovine lung and Ovine kidney. Not furcate, kidneys - delicious product, just need to be able to cook them. Help yourself.

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