What to cook from Marjoram more

Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet
394 - 40м 5
Meatless soup with mushrooms and millet. An unusual ingredient coconut cream gives the soup a rich taste and nice texture.
Liverwort buckwheat
376 - - -
My family loves liver. However, everyone likes something different. The middle son loves the tabs from the liver with onions, Junior loves liver with mushrooms in sour cream, dad all prefer pate. But there is an option that suits everyone – the liverworts. Any dish with liver stuffing is good, though the pancakes cook, even the meatballs, though, simply bake pie casserole – the same liverwort. And with buckwheat liver is an excellent pair, and the mushrooms not extra. To separately not to bother, will do – and immediately! Besides – be quick! Because cereal we have not become –and take the cereal from buckwheat "Mistral"!
Chicken with prunes and rice
296 4 90м 6
Delicious, beautiful and simply unbeatable Kura!!!
Basket "Red riding hood"
286 5 - 6
I hasten to disappoint the sweet tooth... it's not sweet tarts. This baskets with meat, very flavorful, with onion, fennel (which I loved last time), opiatnami and tomatoes. Very tasty and juicy!!!
Heck in tomatoes
276 3 - -
Today I have a super fishing day! The first is my favorite Yulkin fish bag. By the way, comrades, please note, yummy unusual!))) And the second heck. One goose with apples, one chicken with pineapples, and we have hake with tomatoes! Delicious!
Home-made sausage
271 5 - -
Made from pork meat, preferably the front shoulder...

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