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Cottage cheese and barley loaf
320 - - -
It's hard to call pastry useful, but this loaf "almost useful" because cooked on the cottage cheese with the use of barley flour. For Breakfast you can afford a couple of pieces (always slimming)! Come on in, help yourself!
Barley cake "Instead of bread"
265 3 45м 8
Cake made of barley flour with cottage cheese. For the Amateur, of course, but I advise you to try.
Barley-corn bread rolls
188 - 130м 6
And today, here are the rolls. Four kinds of flour perfectly together giving the best. Whole-wheat and barley - the aroma and favor, corn - light and soft, wheat helped them to make friends. Rolls conveniently to submit to a hot dish, and tea, and a glass of milk. To take on a picnic or to give a snack to the children. Help yourself.
Kuurma Choy
185 - 30м -
Hi all. Here and autumn came with its not always pleasant weather surprises. And that would warm up when walking for mushrooms, or after a hard working day we will drink tea. I think a lot will disagree with me )), but it is their right. To drink we will not a simple tea, and tea of the nomads kuorma-Choi. This recipe is from my favorite Kyrgyz dishes. For the European man can be not very usual combination of products, but I think tea must like you. Everything is simple and elementary
Bread "Kuban"
162 - 180м -
Had a chance to try the delicious bread, as a person with a diagnosis of "bakery" I asked the label, thank God, have not thrown out... the Composition is not accurate, but most importantly, I learned what flour, and sunflower seeds, I learned without labels... the Bread came out wonderful, will not yield to his brother. Help yourself.
Bread cereal... oops, I mean cereal!
150 - - -
The bread is very interesting - because of the availability of seven mukey... the mooks... no, 7 varieties of flour it turns out it's very strong and rich in flavor with a firm crust, but soft and elastic crumb. Suitable for all intense flavor! In a word, "cereal" like that! And don't be afraid of these seven mukey, if something is not, you can grind the groats in a coffee grinder - will be even better! but a little work is involved and go to sleep! Author P. Giorilli, the recipe is published on the Internet

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