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Salad "Salvatore"
1.4k - 20м 3
In one Italian restaurant I first tried this salad. I really wanted to spoil my wife and make something similar. Long time not been able to find on the Internet anything like it. However, miracles do happen and one day I managed to find an interesting recipe. Slightly modified his version and I hasten to share with you...
Cake "tango Mango"
1.3k - - 8
Air weightless sweet biscuit with a delicate aroma of orange and delicate layers of ripe mango, framed by a thin layer of bitter chocolate glaze. Very easy to prepare but tasty and sincere.
Sauce "AMBA"
1.3k 5 15м -
Sauce "AMBA" is a legend of Lebanese food, at least once it is worth it to try, take a chance and you will not regret. Blends wonderfully with chicken, harmonizes perfectly with fish, is added to many national meals. In General, AMBA.
Salad "Europe-Asia"
1.2k - 15м 6
Back from vacation! I hope my recipes will please not only her husband but someone from the chefs. Salad "Europe-Asia" is a very balanced combination of fruit and vegetables both continents. If traditional salad of cucumbers and tomatoes to add mangoes and avocados, then You connect the two continents and in two flavors! Invite fans of "brand new"!
Salad "Us"
0.6k - 20м 4
This salad I found on a cooking forum. Exotic ingredients, but I decided to take a chance and cook it on the Christmas table. And I was right, very fresh taste and very filling.
The Salad "Caribbean"
0.5k 4 - -
Avocado salad with fruit.

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