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What to cook from Lovage more

Lean eintopf beans
144 - 120м 4
I have a weakness for intoppa, because in one dish aligned and the first and second, and the dishes don't need much to dirty for cooking. Although eintopf is considered a dish of the German cuisine, but this recipe I found in one learn how "French vegetable eintopf with beans".
Marinated salad of young zucchini
143 - - -
Very flavorful marinated salad of young zucchini quick cooking! Ready 5 hours later, well to prepare it for the upcoming picnic in jars and take with you on nature as an appetizer to the meat or filling delicious Shawarma with grilled meat (recipe and photos are making Taco) Salad well "winters" and will please a summer fragrance, this just need not adhere to the cunning techniques of conservation, which I also describe in the cooking process!
Greens for the winter
142 - 60м 40
I want to offer the option of freezing greens for the winter. To do this, use small bell pepper, parsley, dill, leustean (lovage). You can freeze any greens you like. I have this favorite set of greens for soup or borscht. It's very simple and fast. The proportions of greens are given approximately, can be adjusted to your taste and preferences. On the website I did not find such option, I decided to share, maybe someone will need.
Pancakes "Green vitamins"
141 - - -
I want to thank Svetlana (lolo1313) for her recipe "Chicken of the nettle," first, because they are delicious, and, secondly, thanks to this recipe, by experiments appeared this prescription. I love this period when there is a different tasty and healthy greens. The body, which is depleted over the cold winter, requires vitamins and in addition vitamin of green has almost nothing to want. Before there was this recipe in our yard disappeared nettle and almost disappeared dandelions ))). Us (spring and summer vegetarian) recipe very much, I hope that You'll find allies. Invited to "time tested" pancakes with unusual content. Help yourself and be healthy!!!
Express edges-grill
121 - 50м 4
When you live in a private home and you suddenly come hungry guests at a picnic or a sudden wanted a tasty barbecue, each family has its proven quick recipes marinating and cooking different types of meat and fish urgently on the coals) To get not just smoky, but tasty and flavorful... This recipe is one of those Express recipes for pork ribs, which, thanks to clever manipulation, marinated fast, produces fragrant, salted and saturated with spices - very tasty!
Carp "Delicious"
116 - 40м 3
Delicious stuffed carp, cooked with a smoke in the fresh air, will not leave you indifferent! Easy and quick cooking, mouthwatering aroma and taste)

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