What to cook from Marinade more

Beef Peking
408 4.5 40м 4
This sauce can be prepared not only beef – any meat or even fish. The main thing – to respect the General principles of cooking
Pink envelope with vegetables
401 - - 4
Fillet of salmon, soaked with aromas of spices and vegetables is a complete meal in the fresh air in the envelope of foil.
Figure in Arabic with the liver
310 3 100м -
I wanted to make Khan using. But... due to change of circumstances, spontaneously, turned out a new dish. A great combination of liver with rice and chicken with vegetables. For magazine contest "the Culinary workshop"".
Chicken "ACE in the hole.. "
300 4 40м 4
What could be better than JUST download the dish in the oven, not wasting time for anything?... ... to take up a favorite fashion magazine (to keep an eye on yourself outfit March 8)... slowly, carefully and with deliberation to eat, sipping from a straw, light alcoholic cocktail... after resting half an hour... some gloss on the face... to wear a beautiful dress... adjusting unruly lock of hair falling on the face... sudermania cocktail, Lekha intoxicating and charming smile to open the door to your loved...... knowing that dinner is already ready... without your effort!!! Offer lovely ladies in anticipation of our holiday to treat yourself to initialstop... and at the same time a unique and delicious dinner without the hassle!!! This recipe is just like the ACE in the hole... will always help in saving time... besides the sleeve then there is not only a place to hide an ACE...
Wurst salad
295 - - -
Very easy to prepare salad! According to the author it refers to the Swabian kitchen and use it in all sorts of variations: put the hunk of black bread, are delicious on their own or as a side dish. It is mentioned that Wurst salad is delicious with fried potatoes. We ate nothing )) Author bunteru found in foodclub_ru.
Potato salad from Hai
279 3 15м 6
With this version of potato salad introduced to me by my wife who came to our city from the US of a Rabbi. I came to her to do makeup, and plus payments got the recipe for a great, cheap and very tasty salad, the whole point of which is in the dressing.

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