Passion fruit

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Tart-cake "Tropical kiss"
182 3 30м -
Trough of dough with coconut and a filling of condensed milk with passion fruit/Passiflora th... an Employee brought to work in the morning nobody was doing anything - all sat and "kissed" with these cuties!
Cocktail "bird of Paradise"
171 - 5м 1
Suggest you try a cocktail called "Bird of Paradise". This cocktail you can make soft, omitting a few ingredients. Refreshing, fruity and rich in flavor.
Melon smoothie with a banana
169 - 25м 5
Very tasty, healthy and flavorful smoothie.
Dessert-ice cream "orange"
168 - - -
This delicious creamy treat with a delicate sorbet made from the pulp of peach and passion fruit, coconut and pistachio layer, enclosed in a chocolate embrace. The idea of the recipe thank Iraida, the recipe was adapted to existing products, and slightly simplified the cooking process.
Jam passion fruit
154 - 180м 50
A delicious jam made from exotic fruit. Know that passion fruit grows in warm countries, but maybe someone my recipe useful.
Dessert-pyramid "Eternal love"
138 - 180м 6
In the film, "Teheran-43" first song "Eternal love" in Russian, the words were written by Charles Aznavour. He also performed the song in the film. Charles Aznavour for the world was the epitome of romantic songs. Today, he was 86 years old, and it takes place not only among the great French singers, but also the world. This dessert, like a real French chanson is the dessert of love, Declaration of love, where there is a bright "the Culinary range of tastes".

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