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Cake "Merry little pigs"
0.6k - - 12
So many gathered recipes, and time is never enough, so, as always - the main load on the weekend. Saw the design idea of the cake on the Polish culinary website, very I liked it here and tried to play. I think that this fun design will appeal to both adults and children, at least, my husband, was thrilled! Besides the cake deserves special attention - a chocolate cake in tandem with the cream caramel and praline almond brittle will hardly leave anyone indifferent!
Marzipan cookies with pistachios
470 - 50м -
Or pistachio cookies with marzipan. Recently, we visited for the first time in Italy, specifically in Rome. Of course we wanted to see the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Cathedral, but we wanted to try Italian food. We were not disappointed. We liked everything, and breads and cheeses and various antipasti and something else... on the first day, walking through the narrow streets of Rome, we stumbled upon a small bakery shop, where we of course looked. And there is a real Paradise for the sweet tooth. Our will power was broken, and we bought a variety of sweets, as they say "on trial". We especially liked the biscuits called Pistacchiono. As part of its we, with certainty, identified pistachio and marzipan. The rest of the ingredients left for us an Enigma. After returning home, I decided to bake something. But, as usual, had to improvise on the move and, as a result, I did it - here is a delicious cookie, with a delicate aroma of almonds and pistachios. I hope You enjoy...
Cupcake marzipan "Christmas log"
419 - - -
Delicious soft cake, with an almond and muffin. Loved everyone in my family spoiled! I want to thank the Irinushka Benito for marzipan sent me a parcel in from the distant city of Kosice! Never caught my so fresh, soft and fragrant marzipan! Yes, and from Dr. Oetker! Just had to bake something amazing!
Cake "Battenberg"
363 - - -
Like many British food, preparing it is very simple, out of the ordinary affordable products. Classic "Battenberg" consists of layers of pink and yellow, fastened with apricot jam. Outside it from all sides with marzipan. When cut in cross section forms a cell in a 2x2 checkerboard pattern. According to one version, the cake got its name in honor of the marriage in 1884, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria of great Britain Princess Victoria of Hesse with the German Prince Ludwig Battenberg. Each chess square is supposedly symbolized the four brothers Battenberg: Ludwig, Alexander, Henry and Francis Joseph. Traditional Battenberg:
Crimson "Sacher cake"
232 - - 6
Classic Sacher familiar to many, but the few he's really impressive. Rather dry chocolate cake, sweet apricot jam... But when I saw the interpretation of the popular dessert in the vision and execution of Masha Zeleninou, I decided to cook it! And then came the hour H. as soon as the process began, and the cakes went in the oven - on the house overflowed fragrance that is hard to describe in words. Let me just say that we live on the 9th floor, and the smell my husband can smell as soon as I opened the door to the staircase ))) And add to that marzipan-chocolate cake sour raspberry jam... in Front of such a temptation difficult to resist even an angel... And happy holiday, lovely girl!!!
Cake "A Gnome"
212 5 - -
The chocolate taste is very rich.

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