Tripe beef

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Turkish soups "Iskembe" and "Tuzlama"
0.8k - 240м 5
Iskembe/Tuzlama. Fans of Turkish soups and Hash dedicated. :) These soups Turks usually eat 4-5 hours in the morning, after a heavy drinking. :) I personally love tuzlama more, but for beginners I would advise, iskembe (the difference in soups only in the size of the scar). Soup always help to sober up anyone :)
Tripe boiled
0.6k - 330м 6
Hi all. Today we will prepare delicious dish-namely, tripe or tripe beef. I bought already peeled product, but some of the secrets of getting rid of odor is inherent to the tripe still there. Read carefully the comments to the photos and all will become clear. Simple and delicious, but not very fast. Although it can be cooked in a slow cooker.
Kuchmachi-beef giblets from
370 - 60м 5
The first dish I tried several years ago in St. Petersburg, in a small Georgian restaurant. I was shocked that lungs eat, and looks like a scar - no. And recently, the store saw sales and beef lungs, kidneys, and tripe, and heart. Buds however I did not dare to take, and in the recipe Kuchmachi not found. To reach them as something separate.
Flyaki village
197 - 240м 8
Very tasty and hearty peasant soup, is very popular not only in Poland but also in neighbouring countries. For example, in the Czech Republic.
Spicy soup of tripe
169 - 50м -
Chowder is a thick and simple first course, with a minimum of ingredients, cooked in the tradition of home cooking. Today I have a stew of tripe with the bulgur. Hot, spicy, nourishing! With this stew, not afraid of the cold, it will warm nasset and courage. The scar quite a specific product, it or like or hate him. But I want to say that it is made and loved in many countries and it is considered a delicacy, it is only necessary to get rid of the smell.
Polish soup "Flyaki"
163 - - 6
Awesome tasty and very hearty soup. She first tried it in Poland, since a long time I dreamed about it, but in our restaurants did not meet. And here yesterday decided to make it myself. The result exceeded all expectations – from the first attempt turned out the same taste. However, I had to Tinker, but it's worth it! This is my first recipe that I decided to share – so do not judge strictly :)

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