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What to cook from Pesto more

Casserole of salmon
270 - 30м 4
This casserole is very interesting and, in my opinion, very successfully combined fish and Pesto sauce. Delicate and spicy at the same time, simple to prepare. If you're interested - try it.
Hot "Caprese" baked cod fillet
255 - - -
Again, all simply, quickly and easily, in the presence of products. You know, so many baked fish with cheese, try it with pesto – very tasty it turns out. The pesto I had frozen, I did it very much and had to freeze the rest. Three months stood in the freezer without losing its taste (so keep in mind that it can be frozen). Recipe for pesto sauce you can see I have here
244 - 15м 1
Caprese is one of the most famous salads, the symbol of Italy, because even the colors of the ingredients I repeat the colors of the Italian flag - red tomatoes, white mozzarella and green Basil. Variants of the feed of these ingredients are endless, and different cooks this dish will always be different both in taste and appearance. I present to You my version, which I consider the most complete, delicious and, of course, beautiful. Look, taste, enjoy!
Appetizer "shrimp Crackers"
207 - 10м 3
Spectacular and tasty snack instant food. For a wonderful, talented and heart of Masuli /cook Manusha/ Birthday!
Snack-sour cream cake-souffle "Pesto"
199 - - 8
You like sour cream? And Basil? And all together? Huh?! Then You here! Come on in, help yourself!!!
Pea soup with pesto
197 - 80м 3
Hearty and delicious split pea soup with vegetables, pesto and cheese. To the soup, I suggest to cook garlic croutons.

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