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What to cook from Matzah more

Matzo cake
0.6k - 20м -
Very simple, quick and no baking!
306 4.5 - -
This recipe was born of itself on the eve of Passover, when we brought a pack of this wonderful Jewish bread - MATZAH. I'll tell you my mazuki sucked down without looking. Stand on your court))
Chicken kukorica
251 5 80м 4
I had in the fridge chicken. I thought I will bake. But... how? And I turned for help to their native proven by many cooks website "cook". Leafed, leafed through... and I was born your own recipe.
Home lunch
238 5 - -
A lunch at my house does not miss anybody. Even the Pope can take a lunch break, on this occasion)))))) I apologize in Advance from apprentice named Li-Li-I, as it is a recipe for pancakes made from matzo, but I put a slightly different idea, one that loves all my family.
217 - 30м 3
Popular Jewish dish for Passover, when Jewish law forbids consumption of grain products exposed to the yeast (Wikipedia).
Chicken broth with some matzo ball
203 5 - 6
Today we will prepare a traditional Easter dish (Passover-Pesach).

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