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Leningrad cookies
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Recently, the Scullion saw a recipe for Tiramisu, which used cookies Savoiardi. The owner of the recipe kindly shared the recipe of the cookies. It turned out, Savoiardi very similar to the Leningrad of my childhood! Now sales are analogues, but the taste is not the same, and Eldorado all sorts of alarming. Thanks to the Internet, the desired recipe is found, with whom you want to share with you. Prepared quickly and easily. Turns out very light weight, so it is a lot. And the taste of crispy, melting in the mouth.
Cupcake "Capital" according to GOST
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The taste of childhood. Cupcakes usually love. Buy a normal cupcake is not always possible, the range is large, but the taste is sometimes not very, about the structure generally keep quiet. No, I'm not criticizing all manufacturers, but in the County I only have 5-10 per cent of the normal can be found, as well as look lazy, and it's not every day you need it, it is easier to bake. According to this he baked them. That's something I wanted cupcake "the childhood", the cupcake capital. Well, just wanted you to do. Done, liked, turned out to taste exactly the "Capital of childhood". Now from time to time bake, here I share with you the process.
Cake "Capital" from pastry chef
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This recipe comes from the Baker-the confectioner, who, over the last 20 years, be baked the cupcakes more than I drank beer and ate meat (although the meat and beer I sooo love). This recipe, of course, does not correspond to the GOST, but older people who bought cupcakes in our store, they say that this is the cupcake that was in the Union...
Cake "Fairytale" GOST
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I want to show gostowski the recipe for your favorite cake "fairy Tale", with childhood love. This cake refers to a simple cake and all the strength, as any spec. skills not required. Recipes that Thor is a lot of walking and they are all delicious, but the taste only comes out at gostovskaya recipe, there are small differences there. Traditionally I use the recipe 75g. as the 75 issue.
Garlic crucian carp and caviar pancakes
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Saw yesterday in the market of small carp. Size 10-12 cm These babies are sold quite rarely, but they are the most delicious, because the meat is sweet. Took just 2 kg. My husband is a carp bigger than just does not recognize. This is the only bony fish which he eats, but part of the problem with the bones I also decided. I cooked carp recipe, taken from the magazine "Love to cook". Baggage, of course, I'm with them half the day, but the result was worth it!

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