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Pear pie with lavender
295 - - -
Wonderful Swiss cake. Probably, for many, is not customary. But believe me, very fragrant and delicate. The main thing - not to overdose.
Buns "Snail" with matcha
295 - 95м 10
Snail pastries - the perfect treat for any holiday or just every day. I suggest to try the recipe for sweet and sweet rolls, which contain poppy seeds, cinnamon and a little subtle taste of matcha tea and fragrant lavender. These snails get very soft and tender. A bright, airy and light cranberry-lavender sauce only accentuate the taste of freshly baked bread rolls. Indulge your family with fragrant pastries!
Lemon-lavender cupcake
279 - - -
Hello! Came with incredible cupcake... (it's hard cupcake a charm to call it)) ) the Structure is so moist and flavorful... mmm. The combination of lavender and lemon is something)) Ah, that is the baking, not baking, but a fairy tale! The scent of lavender circling the head with my morning coffee (and not only) to enjoy a bit of a dream come true!!:) With the first bite you will fall in love with it forever and save yourself the recipe for how I did it:)
Spicy chocolate with lavender scent
239 - - 2
This recipe is for chocolate lovers-spicy drinks. It can be used as a hot (hot chocolate) or cold (cooled to room temperature). The drink turns out very tasty (IMHO), with small hints of lavender, spice, honey. And this delicious drink want to dedicate our boy Alicke (govemance). Although it is a big coffee drinker, but I will hope that chocolate she likes.
Phyto-tea "Flavor of the steppes"
210 - - -
Herbal tea normalizes the nervous and cardiovascular systems, improves sleep.
Cakes "My tenderness-you"
181 - - 4
Very tender, flavorful, delicious brownies. I showed only the idea, and the options can be mass. These cakes can be done the day before and keep in the refrigerator before serving.

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