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What to cook from Melissa more

Pasta (TORTIGLIONI) with courgette and lemon-balm
0.5k - 15м 2
Pasta (TORTIGLIONI) in a creamy sauce with young zucchini, Parmesan and fresh Melissa. Pasta can take any. Zucchini can be substituted for the zucchini. Melissa-mint. Lovely dinner. Easy, healthy and delicious!
Fresh "Melon-watermelon"
377 - - 1
When I saw the new contest, I realized that I need to participate. And they forced me into it, my old juicer-Scarlet. Believe it or not, I bought it in 2004, in order to pressing fresh juices for the little daughter. My daughter is already 14 years old, and the juicer 10. I use it only in the summer when a lot of fruit. Over these 10 years, my device is working properly, of course, in large quantities it juice pressing can not ( not provided), but a glass of juice for 4 people to cope fine. To wash it very comfortable and not problematic. I was looking for on the Internet information, but nothing about the first released juicer Scarlett was not found. For this, I'll think that my model of juicer first!
Herring salad with oranges and lemons
308 - 35м 4
This salad I called on behalf of my husband. He loves this salad. I always cook for the holiday. You can also try this. The dish is simple. The recipe is illustrated with user Li-Li-I in the framework of "Coloring"
Salad with avocado and egg
300 - 20м 4
Salad with avocado, egg, chives, Chinese cabbage and cucumber. The salad is dressed with mayonnaise and lemon juice. Instead of mayonnaise is perfect sour cream or mayonnaise+sour cream. A salad fit for dinner, as a separate dish, as well as for guests on the holiday table.
Manna "Pure taste"
268 - 60м 6
We can say that it's a classic. Manna on milk, without any add to the semolina, that is, I did not add flour. Manna turns out very tasty and I think who don't like porridge, can assess this positively baking. Manna turns crisp, a little vanilla and moderately sweet. Well take semolina durum for manna. I always buy only one. Porridge to eat. They say that people age, it helps to strengthen bones and it should be there at least 2 times a week.
Turkish pepper sauce "Vinaigrette"
211 - 40м 2
I propose, dear cooks, a wonderful appetizer of peppers with a delicious sauce "Vinaigrette" This sauce can be used with any vegetables, salads, cold meat. The idea of this original sauce I borrowed - canadian chef Alain Labrie. Slightly altered according to your taste and voila! Turned out very tasty and fragrant.

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