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Lava cake
226 - 30м 8
Lava cake is a famous American dessert that was born in result of a cooking error. The chef wore chocolate cake, and when cut out of it emerged the melted chocolate. Dessert pleased the guests and quickly became popular. It's considered good manners to finish your dinner with this dessert, especially because when the external drama, it cooked very quickly and easily.
Cupcake "All the marmalade"
160 4 45м 6
When all the marmalade, and not in chocolate too good! Even excellent! But if the marmalade is adjudged to be in an unusually simple dough, then it's still very TASTY!!
Cheese and chocolate mini cheesecake without baking
148 - - -
Preparation namechennogo cheesecake from the UK. Delicate, rich flavor, quite simple and quickly prepared - the result, I'm sure will appeal to all!
Honey caramel
140 - - -
Tried honey, this is one of the most beloved - sweet taste of cakes, chocolate cream and jam with a slightly sour taste is a wonderful combination and I hope you enjoy it!
Pie "Fair"
137 - - -
Today we have a fair. I'm not kidding. This cake is a real fair. My God, what kind of yummy. How much of it is just: something from the Tula gingerbread, from gingerbread... chocolate, coffee, orange peel... a Real firework of tastes, aromas and sensations!
Apple-cranberry pie
136 - - -
Pie-turnover for cocoa butter, soft, loose, sweet, with a pleasant acidity.

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