Wine white sweet

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Punch-jelly "Beer mug"
239 - - -
This dessert is a joke seriously delicious and grown-up. Fragrant sour-sweet jelly with a flavor of wine and milk "foam" with a taste of coconut liqueur –great combination! You can remove the alcohol by replacing the volume of fruit juice without pulp or water, and dessert so happy to eat children. Of course, a children's version should not be issued under a mug of beer. And a little joke on friends, say, on February 23 – it is appropriate!
Cake "Hat"
217 - 240м 16
The cake was made for my 27th birthday.
Easy cake
197 5 180м 12
Cakes are always a problem, love them women and children. But! Many children will not eat, and women love to sweet forever on a diet. And the calories (bad for the figure) it is the cream. So it is necessary to make a light cream! Let's try!
Pasta baked with fennel
182 - 40м 4
Love to sit on the couch and flipping through magazines and cookery books in search of interesting recipes. Here found this, liked the performance and the interesting point: the fennel. It in Europe eaten raw, fried, steamed. Very fragrant product with a slightly aniseed flavor and gives the dish a special unusual touch. We liked it.
Cake "Dunes"
175 - 90м 12
Delicate chocolate sponge cake "La Gioconda", yoghurt mousse and mango! I wanted to cook it, the result is amazing! The recipe is from the website of Nina-Niksya.
Hot hunting in filippovskoe
166 4 - -
Girls, at the heart of this roast recipe is my grandmother Mary V. and grandfather of Philip Semenovich. My Grandad was a hunter, hunting was gone for a long time (belawati because a long time go), there he is with his friend Kuzma (comrade-in-arms, by the way, a villager, a lifetime together!) and "contrived" is hot. They had no fresh meat, was that they shooting, squirrel, for example, grouse, Fox, or wild boar... Details below...

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