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What to cook from Scallop more

Parfait scallops
345 5 600м 10
Parfait sea scallops with Gulf fish and seafood, carpaccio of tiger prawns with mint sorbet, accompanied by mint sauce and clams. A complicated dish. Worked hard, not for Amateurs.
The scallops on the plancha potato with truffle oil
166 4 20м 1
Elegant hot appetizer easy cooking.
Vol-AU-vents with scallops in orange sauce
152 - - -
Medallions of puff pastry with scallops cooked in orange sauce. A great snack that is quickly prepared. "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Cream soup with scallops
151 4 15м 3
Delicious and healthy. Especially for men ; )
Sea scallops with honey lemon sauce
150 - 45м 1
Scallops have a very delicate and gentle taste. One of the options of cooking is not to add anything. But very often, scallops are used in a variety of sauces that enrich the flavor of scallops. In this recipe I used honey-lemon sauce, which softens some of the fishy taste and gives the scallops piquancy. I've used this sauce with the scallops in the recipe, "a Hearty Breakfast," but now has decided that he deserves a separate recipe. The dish is prepared pretty quickly. The main thing is not prigotovit scallops. In this regard, very good su View - guaranteed not prigotovil, but you can just fry in the pan, you just have to very carefully monitor the degree of doneness - the description in the respective steps.
Scallops with rice "vest"
148 - 70м 4
Don't want to sound rude, but the idea of this recipe is completely my own, never seen anything like it, although I do not deny that such may already be. Marine theme is very close to me, because I live in the far East. Among the friends and relatives of many of the sailors, that they I want to dedicate this recipe. I hope he will enjoy You and Your men, as well as decorate Your holiday table.

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