Frog legs

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Frog legs in tomato sauce
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Frog legs
Frog legs
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And do not wince - frog legs really tasty. In their they taste like tender chicken meat. Now compare the chicken and the frog. Chicken eat anything (not talking about those who fed different chemicals), and frogs live only in ecologically pure reservoirs. So think about whose meat is more useful. If you are going to try frog legs for the first time, don't suggest much to split hairs over the dish. Make the dough from a simple dough: flour, milk, egg, salt and pepper. Her feet dip in and fry in oil. Fry briefly – the frog meat is very tender and falls apart quickly.
Frog legs in garlic sauce
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Cuisses de grenouille aux tomates et ail. Yesterday were treated to frog legs, and I was wondering what to cook with them. Here I found a suitable recipe. Prepared and tried frog legs for the first time. In General, I liked it. So if anyone of you need a recipe, I will be happy. So there you go...
Frog legs with chicory "Lacustre"
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One of the first associations that arise when the words "French gastronomy" — is frog legs. However, it can be noted the love for this delicacy not only among the French. China, Portugal, Italy, South USA and many other countries find this product very attractive and elegant.
Frog legs in Cantonese
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The smell of fish, taste like chicken - so you can briefly describe frog meat. Add to this tangy sauce with fragrance of garlic and ginger - it turns out tasty and with very simple cooking dish.

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