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What to cook from Cider more

"The sun"
186 - 40м 6
Left the dough on pasties? You can just fry the cakes or make such here "the sun". Invented a new way of zasypki test, and maybe it already exists but I have not seen. )))
Pork Normandy
144 - - 6
For this dish, pork stewed with vegetables in a cider, after which it can be safely frozen for 3 months. For example, portions, if you want to unload a few of their evenings, or in full, if you are planning to host. After thawing add to the dish one simple stroke, and classic French cooking.
Pork Normandy
142 4 60м 4
... Normandy region of France, famous for its dairy products, apples, cider and Calvados ( Yes, the same one who is so loved by the Musketeers in the famous novel by Dumas ). I offer a traditional French recipe that has brought together all of the above products. Please try it, it's so delicious...
Rich Apple pie with cider
142 - 120м 12
As a big fan of Apple cakes, has expanded its collection of recipes. This pie, we can say that the cake I was making for my husband's birthday. Amber stuffing in a fragile shell, whipped cream and a light touch of bitter cocoa to create a unique range of taste. Similar recipes are already available on our website, but I decided to publish this recipe, because the details that distinguish it from the others, constitute his originality.
Chicken with apples in a sauce of cider
141 - - -
Tender juicy chicken with a spicy taste. Now the season of apples, and I decided instead of our usual all side dishes (potato. rice, etc.) to use the apples.
Cake "Old New year"
138 - 60м 16
Very tasty and light cake, so much so that very quickly disappears, just as the wind blew! Very fragrant. And pushed me to his cooking that after the holidays still have some cider, so found a suitable recipe. I advise everyone to try, the cake is extraordinary!!!

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