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Delicious Pollock for a couple
433 - - -
Important in Pollock is to buy a good fish. If you are lucky, and the fish is purchased fresh and not frozen, even the steam fish is tasty and tender. But this recipe still juicy.
Fish-the tangerine or "How then?"
317 4 120м -
Gentle taste and very easy to prepare fish with an unusual tangerine aroma will decorate your table! Thanks to this fish-the tangerine I got married! Want to know how it was? In 1989 (20 years ago) I lived in a hostel. Guy to my girlfriend Marina very quickly (1 day) was taken to the army. In the morning, went to the military enlistment office - and the right agenda. Commissar cunning, the collect appointed for 5 am the next day! Urgently convened the Council. Money we had little, the meat of the question does not even discussed, and then I offered to fry fish... something Else is still there! Only lasted for Pollock. I fried it on the kitchenette, and sitting on the windowsill Antoinette (Tonya) and eating Mandarin. The smell, that's our fish! Well, I begged her skin... seeing (by the table!)ran the whole floor. And wow, suddenly came brother Marina. Such a hot macho, high in-shape, handsome, blond hair and blue eyes. If to say that he liked me, then not say anything. I fell in love immediately!.. And what happened next, will read at the end of the recipe!
Salad-cocktail "Pearl"
316 3 30м 4
On Valentine's Day. Valentine's dinner should be light, so I made a salad of those products that were at home, can someone come in handy.
Awesome Pollock
262 - 30м 6
Juicy fish-and-onion casserole with melted cheese and your favorite spices :) take a Picture of the steps did not, as the guests were already in the apartment when I was just starting to cook. But the dish is simple, I think all the pictures will be clear.
256 5 50м 6
A simple, inexpensive dish. And most importantly - so delicious that it is difficult to determine what kind of fish you eat (if you do not know).
Salad "Ariel"
238 - 30м -
The salad is very tasty due to low calorie ingredients, suitable for weight loosing. In the fridge was a lot of fish (Pollock), so the recipe is there by itself. My husband and I really loved it for the excellent taste, juiciness and low calories. I hope you like it.

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