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Fruit yogurt from childhood
367 - 10м 3
Someone this recipe will seem very simple, but still I want to show it. Still trying for the first time with yogurt starter cultures TM "Oursson" I realized that this is the same taste that I so loved as a child. But I especially liked the fruit yogurt, which in the afternoon with fire not to get it. But recently, going through a closet at my mother's, found the dusty "milk". So this recipe is my way to childhood. If you want to join. The time is specified only for the preparation of fruit yogurt.
German dessert of berries "the Company grutze"
304 - - -
The company grutze (Rote Grütze) is a very summery, bright and colourful dessert. To call it a jelly I do not dare, while the principle of cooking is very similar. It is good in itself. In the classic version it is served with vanilla pudding or whipped cream. The company grutze can be used as a sauce to ice cream, to waffles, to cereals and as a filling for pie. But it was a classic serve and vanilla pudding is the most delicious, in my opinion!
Baba "Autumn"
215 - 120м 10
Baba all familiar from childhood. My Grandmother autumn, she will be beautiful and the full skirt in sborochku and berry crown. This elegant Grandmother will appeal to both adults and children. Children to file, without adding rum. Apples-Ranetki, will give a special aroma to the syrup and take an active part in decorating this dessert. This Baba looks graceful and festive. Accept us graciously into your family recipes Rum women with cane sugar Mistral.
Cake "August"
205 4 90м 6
Tomorrow will be August. Meet the last month of summer with a cake in his honor.
Bircher muesli
196 - - 2
This healthy and mouth-watering dish is very popular all over the world. Made these muesli Swiss nutritionist Bircher. What may be unexpected in the preparation of muesli? Surprisingly, they were happy to eat naughty children and meat eaters-men) Soaked overnight cereal is much healthier and inexplicably much tastier than the normal version. Try it!
Cupcakes berry-coconut "cakes"
195 - 40м 16
Suggest you try the mouth-watering (you can have lips!), fragrant, fluffy muffins with a sweet-sour taste. The name speaks for itself - it really is a taste of the fireworks!!! The sourness from the berries, the aroma of coconut, vanilla and citrus peel, creamy sweetness of white chocolate! It's just a delight! Go to treat!

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