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What to cook from Bagel more

Funny sandwiches from Snow white (tricks are for kids-"naadac")
171 - 5м 1
Rather, it is not a recipe, and mini recipe notion. I'll start with the prologue... My son did not eat cheese in any form! And then, one day, while he slept in the afternoon, I made the tea (so that it is not seen). And when Sonny woke up, I gave this legend: "While you were sleeping, I came to visit Snow white. She taught me to cook the favorite dish of the dwarves. Here it is!" Seeing the afternoon, Ivan was touched and laughed:"Oh, how funny!" Since this is a dish we call "ridiculous sandwiches from Snow white".
Canapés with generovani cuttlefish
157 - - -
Not troublesome, but very tasty canapés of mini aspic with cuttlefish, pickled corn and a soft bread base their bagel with poppy seeds! Interesting, not bored and delicate taste of this snack will not be ashamed to serve up for any occasion!
"Pizza "bagels
138 4 - -
Delicious, very simple and fast. Universal recipe.
Dessert beer
112 5 - -
Quick, tasty, fun!
Salad with garlic croutons
105 - - 1
Beet salad, pickles and onions off amazing garlic croutons. For spicy taste lovers dedicated.
Vegetable stuffed bagels
63 - 60м -
Vegetarian option stuffed with minced meat bagels-crackers

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