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In various Japanese restaurants one of the most my favorite dishes is "Unaju" - eel with tasty sauce on a rice pillow with scrambled eggs. A friend found the eel at an affordable price, so why not try to make the delicacy at home? Tried it, it worked! I love! Happy to share the recipe with you and offer for the contest "give me tonight"
Stuffed with crab "is a Farse Crab"
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Whose tastes are more refined - ours or our forefathers? Any arguments about this are subjective. Helps folk wisdom: "tastes". I am familiar with an American family headed by a woman, recently turned 95 years old. Search meals in the contest "a Journey through old recipes" led me to her. Her name is Dorothy, though she loves when her name is Dottie. Her parents are originally from England, but had business in America, where he subsequently settled. With him from London, they brought the housekeeper, not the first generation that had a diploma /it turns out these were given in the middle ages/. After it they changed many others, but all enjoyed her recipes and books. One of the recipes "is a Farse crab" - Robert may - the Accomplisht Cook (London:1660 ), was the hallmark of romantic dinners in the dynasty Dottie. It is believed that this dish brought happiness to her mother, she, her son, and now grandchildren. When I told her about the contest, she got excited and showed me these old books, and even a diploma the same housekeeper. The recipe for this exquisite, with three stories and three times was adapted, but I cooked it on the original recipe, and in parallel, replacing modern products. So let's start our journey in the year 1660...
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After reviewing all the recipes on the website, found only the classic versions with salmon, avocado, cucumber and similar ingredients. I want to show You different options of sushi and how to decorate. Will look like in the sushi bar!)).
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The recipe for nigiri-sushi with Kikkoman sauce for sushi and sashimi.
"Shanghai delight"
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A luxurious salad! Easy, hearty and beautiful.
Rolls dragon
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Japanese dragon God of the water element, is a creature with a serpentine body and claws on the three fingers and huge fangs protruding from its mouth. It is powerful and dangerous, but kind to those who honour him. Why not pay your respects to the ancient creating, replicating it in the form of a roll? Is simple, and the admiration of your guests and domozhirov to no end. Come, let us prepare. For the recipe thank Svetlana Ukolov.

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