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What to cook from Carrots more

31k - 90м 6
3.9k - 40м 10
"Turkey tails"
3.7k 3.4 - -
Yes, Yes and Yes again the recipe with our tails /ass/. Every man is what he eats, loves, and I love the tails grilled, steamed, braised, smoked in any form. I looked in our favorite site not found this recipe. I tell you it is very tasty.
Salad with chicken liver
3.5k - 60м 6
A delicious layered salad with chicken liver for the festive table! All the ingredients are completely combined, it turns festive and sated!
Salad "Pansy"
2.8k - - -
Outside the window snow drifts... and so I wanted bright colors...
Soup "anime"
2.7k - - 5
Fragrant soup in explanation ramen for fans of anime children, and all adult fans of spicy - fragrant Chinese - Korean - Japanese cuisine. In our family, this soup today is the most loved and sought after by all family members. Dedicated to my dear and super gorgeous friend Natasha Kuss!!!

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