Ice cream

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Milkshake "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
0.9k - 5м 2
Such a beautiful, refreshing and delicious milkshake up better than any coffee!
Dessert "Monamur"
0.5k 3 25м 2
Mouth-watering treat!
Cereal on the ice cream with chocolate sauce
376 5 - 2
I love porridge and make it quite often and with different additives. But from this mess I was left in complete awe!!! Delicate, creamy, with aromas and flavors of ice cream under a rich chocolate syrup... Even the great nehochuha will not abandon this Breakfast!
Cake "Pancho"
347 5 - -
A lot of different similar and dissimilar recipes browse the Internet from me here - a large number of cream!!!
Iced coffee
346 3 - -
Iced coffee – iced coffee with the addition of ice cream. There are a variety of coffee recipes-iced coffee. The name of the drink comes from the French verb glacé that the exact translation means "frozen, frozen", but in a more rough – "chilled".
Brownie Horseshoe
309 4.5 60м 4
Horseshoe for luck! Who was the first to eat a horseshoe in tiger-paint, that necessarily in the coming year will be lucky, fulfilled his fondest wish... "Gorenje: Christmas song"

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