Guinea fowl

What to cook from Guinea fowl more

Guinea fowl stewed with potatoes
164 - - -
A traditional dish in our family. In my opinion, the best preparation of the Guinea fowl - a stewing, especially if you have a roaster or kettle.
Guinea fowl in the spring
142 - 50м 8
At any time of the year, my large friendly family loves to eat meat... First green of spring in the garden is young garlic, its flavor is unique!
Spicy stew "Cecenu" chicken
134 - 120м 4
Bought the magazine "a Collection of recipes," the entire issue was devoted to the dishes of Guinea fowl. Puzzled where to buy the fowl, in the supermarkets here in St. Petersburg is not met. Decided to order at the farm. Well, I really wanted to try the meat of this Royal bird. Because this dish is perfectly possible to cook a chicken, the steps will describe using brackets. The dish was spicy, sweet and slightly tangy. It is quite light. The juice allocated from vegetables can replace a light entree with a piece of meat. Cooked in a slow cooker, because "utyatnitsu" I have not. Guinea fowl and the broth have a delicate flavor. But once again, that this dish would be equally delicious with chicken.
Stewed fowl (chicken)
130 - 55м -
Very tasty braised poultry in a tomato sauce. ))
Roast Guinea fowl
118 - 75м 4
Pintade braisée. I must say that the dishes of Guinea fowl is quite popular in France... And no wonder... Guinea fowl meat is very tasty! And it contains less fat and water than chicken meat and it is rich in vitamins (mainly b group) and minerals, and in many respects is considered the best meat and poultry. Therefore, such meat product are useful in the permanent diet of both adults and children...
Rooster stew with red wine
118 - 120м 8
I was very lucky to get a rare in our days the product. We went to another monastery, and there they stumbled on the monastery farm, and decided to buy the monastery (home) rooster, well, I mean carcass. I don't remember when I did it =) but I have to say that it turned out very delicious homemade meal for the whole family!!! The recipe is perfect for crock pots, if someone likes to use the Meat of a Cockerel tastes like Guinea fowl, so the ingredients indicated the fowl, as the cock is just not there)

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