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Salad "Maseduan"
0.7k 4 30м 4
I saw in the supermarket vegetable mixture "Maseduan", the title intrigued, and the composition was of my favorite foods. Decided to make a salad. Believe me - sooooo tasty.
Salad "Sombrero"
437 4.5 - -
To be honest, I make this salad at your own risk... I do not expect that from this combination of ingredients can turn out so yummy. This salad and guests are not ashamed to offer. And so it is prepared quickly and inexpensively.
Vegetables curry with soy meat
431 5 40м 4
Actually, I'm not a big fan of soy meat, but in combination with vegetables and curry were delicious! For the post-very nice! And again, "Fast from Moulinex"!
Soup "Goju"
420 - - -
Have you ever been ever Ukrainian weddings, so with all the traditions.. in the village.. and not in a cafe or restaurant... but in the tent... And then the wedding? - ask... And that's it for this wedding, but on the second day (walk and celebrate there one day) I tried this the first time "goju", it probably is brewed specially, so after the tumultuous festivities and received degrees, a little easier this morning, because the celebration will be a long... ) For these weddings specially build a separate kitchen, a small cabin, with clay build oven, convene the most famous cooks of the village and cook all sorts of Goodies... mmm-mm. the Gojo boiled in huge cauldrons, all the guests))) and it is eaten instantly))) I tried to reproduce the recipe of The "goju", but at home, as it is cooked in bone broth and 8 -10 hours on the stove, that is "weary" the whole night, then of course a little different my recipe))) But the taste - it is the most... and with each spoonful I remember those fun days of childhood))) And since now another Great post I offer a lean option with mushrooms, and when the fasting is over it will be possible with the meat on the bones to cook it)))
Cheese roll
286 4 - -
Roll of boiled cheese-filled
Potato salad from Hai
279 3 15м 6
With this version of potato salad introduced to me by my wife who came to our city from the US of a Rabbi. I came to her to do makeup, and plus payments got the recipe for a great, cheap and very tasty salad, the whole point of which is in the dressing.

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