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0.6k - 20м 2
Brasada - sandwich from crispy baguette with grilled beef fillet, onion, bacon and egg. Dish Spanish. I have prepared this sandwich is inspired to the recipe of Spanish chef Jorge de angel Moliner. A real man's Breakfast, as a rule, in Spain is lunch. Share the recipe, maybe someone will like it.
Salad "Caesar"
0.5k 5 20м 2
The author of this salad is an Italian Caesar Cardini, who at the time of the great depression and prohibition was in charge of the restaurant "Caesar". The restaurant was located in a small town on the outskirts of Mexico in the vicinity of Hollywood, and once in the Independence day crowd of filmmakers stumbled into a bar Cardini a drink and a snack. To drink we drank, and the snack turned out to be nothing. Then shrewd Caesar decided to build digestible of those products that were on hand: garlic, lettuce, croutons, eggs, butter and lemon. He rubbed a big bowl of salad with garlic, crumbled in her lettuce, cheese, boiled eggs, added fried bread and filled the olive oil and lemon juice. The guests were ecstatic! Salad "Caesar" from the very pores became popular. Now there are many variants of this salad. This version I did with the chicken. I think this salad is the basis for creativity)).
Bread nest with cod
0.5k - - -
Saffron is one of the most delicious winter fish of the Far East. Right now, when it is spawn, it is the most delicious. In the restaurants of Vladivostok is now a festival of saffron cod. And I decided something unusual to cook.
375 3.5 - -
My mother always makes this recipe kvass, and I help her
Canapés with quinoa and cheese
353 - 20м 6
Quinoa is a very interesting product, in finished form resembles caviar. Preparing these sandwiches, it's easy to surprise the guests as they taste very reminiscent of all your favorite sandwiches with red caviar. Simple ingredients, beautiful and delicious result.
Hot sandwiches with mushrooms and tomatoes
324 - 25м 4
Very quick hot sandwiches. Baked in the microwave. So, who have the opportunity, do not miss it and try to prepare these delicious sandwiches. Also they can be baked in the oven, but cooking time will increase. Due to the presence in the recipe of mushrooms, children under 6 years of age, these sandwiches to give is not desirable. Although, these mushrooms, like oyster mushrooms and champignons is not the case, they are added in very small amounts in baby food from the age of 1.5. There is already up to you. The output-make them without mushrooms.

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