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What to cook from Mousse more

Pancake cake with mousse of trout
257 - - -
For making pancake cake can go absolutely any toppings. I suggest you make pancake cake with mousse of smoked trout. Original, tasty and beautiful dish. Prepare a cake to surprise your loved ones.
Chocolate tart with chocolate-orange mousse
189 - - -
Offer to cook a tart with chocolate orange mousse and peach filling. Tarte has a simple base of chocolate shortbread. Inside the chocolate orange mousse from TM HASS. Then comes a layer of peach puree, which perfectly softens the chocolate flavor, and also gives you an incredibly bright color on the cut, which sometimes lack in spring desserts. The top layer of chocolate ganache and chocolate.
Base with white chocolate for cupcake "Black Prince"
178 - 50м 15
I have long wanted to bake muffins with white chocolate. Baked. Was very gentle and airy. It remained for the design and decoration... Wanted to make cakes very differently. But "turned up" the glaze you want to try, to test how it will look and stay. The result was cute and delicious cake. Glaze test was successful!
Christmas cupcakes with pomegranate
144 - - -
On the eve of the new year holiday, I want to share with you a simple recipe for lovely cupcakes with a tender and delicate taste. Recipe from Dr. Oetker.
Chocolate cheese cake
142 - - -
Cake, prepared according to this recipe will surprise you with its tenderness, flavor and, of course, taste. Come and help yourself :)
Chocolate nut muffins
136 - 45м 10
Soft, fluffy, incredibly delicious. I highly recommend to prepare at least once.

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