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Cahk-Arab holiday cookies
341 - - -
Traditional holiday cookies in the Arab world. No holiday is neither Muslim nor Christian, is not complete without this cookie. Women bake kahk a few days before the holiday in large quantities to give to family, relatives, friends and neighbors. This tradition, as does the cookie recipe, passed on from age to age, from family to family. Now kahk can easily buy in the store before the holiday, but there are still families who bake these wonderful cookies at home.
Iraqi walnut-date cake "Hilargi"
316 - - -
"Do You love dates so much as I?" - so I wanted to start the description of this recipe. But... after making and tasting a piece of the pie with neperedavaemye taste, I realized... If and when, in those ancient times, actually existed Scheherazade told her tales to the Sultan, I'm sure that Sultan dreamily listening to her, eating a cake, drinking tea, and enjoyed his taste. For this sweetness, are truly worthy of Kings!
Pork "Fragrant"
297 4 - -
Delicious and flavorful pork with figs, garlic and herbs.
Mammy and Siwa
295 4.3 - -
These sweets are most often made only on holidays. Mammy is a carrot stuffed with walnuts, and Siwa (siwa) - stuffed with dates, and the dough is very delicate and crumbly.
"the East kiss"
288 - 20м 2
The salad is very refreshing and perfect for holiday and Lenten table.
Baskets "Bliss"
277 5 - -
Puff pastry with a delicate Fig jam and fruit.

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