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Young stuffed cuttlefish on the grill
214 - 30м 3
And to continue my marine picnic is another delicious seafood - young cuttlefish! Quick and delicious!
Cuttlefish stuffed
161 5 - -
The seafood taste is almost identical. For this recipe you can cook squid. The advantage of cuttlefish that they are little and easier to eat. This dish can be used as a garnish for hot and cold snacks.
Canapés with generovani cuttlefish
157 - - -
Not troublesome, but very tasty canapés of mini aspic with cuttlefish, pickled corn and a soft bread base their bagel with poppy seeds! Interesting, not bored and delicate taste of this snack will not be ashamed to serve up for any occasion!
Pasta-FIDEUA Catalan
153 5 20м 2
This is one of my favorite dishes, I first tried it in Cambrils (Catalonia). There are many variations of cooking, but I made a recipe one of my friends cooks.
Paella "Marisco"
142 - 50м 6
The most popular paella in Spain is paella with seafood (paella de mariscos). In the best restaurants it is cooked with broth made from fresh fish and small shrimp and langoustine, which was still moving when he was laying on the counter (morning catch). The rice absorbs all the flavors of the seafood and has a bright full-bodied taste. If you have no opportunity to buy fresh seafood, paella can be cooked from frozen. In addition, the paella can be cooked with many other ingredients, including chicken and pork. At the end of the recipe you will find a link to an article that describes in detail the history of paella and the method of its preparation.
Risotto with cuttlefish ink
132 - 20м 1
Indescribably yummy!

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