Rice flakes

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0.7k 4 - 4
Indian cuisine Breakfast of rice cereal
Croquettes of rice with apricots "Colbert"
324 - 60м -
A delicious and hearty croquettes. Especially tasty with peach syrup or compote! Recipe a long time ago I read a magazine. My very much. Since I cook. I suggest to You, hope like it too. Actually made from fresh apricots. I had dried apricots.
Rice porridge "bounty"
318 - 10м 2
It would seem the usual mess... but no! A little imagination and a Breakfast of cereal turns into a feast for the sweet tooth! And thanks to the use of cereal - super fast cooking.
Cottage cheese pancakes with rice cereal and fruit
311 - 30м 4
A great combination of cheese, rice cereal, pears and plums in sweet pancakes that can be prepared for Breakfast.
Figure Viennese
246 - 40м 3
Try to offer the option of baked sweet rice porridge with spicy Apple fruit and meringue. It is rather Breakfast of the day. It may be a pleasant surprise with Vienna charm for your loved ones.
Charlotte cereal
209 - - -
Found this recipe among the recipes for proper nutrition. A very healthy treat, and if you replace the sugar, and even diet. For the recipe thank katerina_kg

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