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Meat grape leaves
376 4 30м 4
The stuffing with the taste of grape leaves.
Mom's stuffed cabbage
371 5 120м 3
love mom's Goodies!now do them myself.
Dolma unusual
352 - - -
This dish, of course, is not traditional, authentic dolma... But there's one ingredient that makes it taste even more unusual. The recipe I did it accidentally. Left after the holidays a piece of home pastrami. We don't really love, although it is considered a delicacy. Throw a pity... I Decided to dream a little. And so was born the recipe of my famous dolma. And guests always ask what I'd prepared this variant and not traditional. So you have to always have in stock not only grape leaves, basturma.
289 - 120м 6
Dolma is all of us favorite stuffed only with grape leaves. It is very fragrant and tasty dish. Which everyone should try.
Pilaf with stuffed vine leaves in markilinski
284 3 300м 10
This dish requires a lot of work and a lot of time, but believe me, the result will exceed all your expectations! The reward will be enthusiastic bellowing of the guests and household words with his mouth full, hard to pronounce))) Source - book of Elder hankishieva "Kazan, Mangal and other male pleasure"!
272 4 180м 6
I'll post the Kurdish version of cooking dolma and Salma (Salma is stuffed grape leaves). A bit unusual for everyone, maybe, but here everything is so prepared. It turns out very tasty, but long.

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