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What to cook from Meat more

1.5k 3 70м 10
Juicy vegetable dish with meat. Not time consuming, easy to prepare and extremely tasty. Extremely good domlama cooked on the fire.
1.2k 3 40м -
This recipe was recorded a long time ago, after reviewing some of the cooking shows (can't remember now what kind). This is an Austrian dish, or simply chicken in breadcrumbs. Looked on the website under the recipe name not found. There are many recipes of chicken in breadcrumbs, but such is not found. If suddenly again, SORRY, may be overlooked.
Hot Forester
1.2k 3 30м 6
Meat and side dish in one dish
Salad "Niagara"
1.2k - 20м 4
Very light but tasty!
Kuk-si with meat and spring salad in Korean
1.2k 5 60м -
Anyone who likes Korean cuisine, and those who haven't tried. My favorite dish in the hot summer day. Well, of course, I recommend to those who after the festive gatherings, the next morning not feeling at ease, that is, simply put, was a little too much fun. Encourages tested!
" Baglama "
1.2k 3 150м 5
Delicious, profitable, satisfying. The national dish, made of lamb meat. Not even fans of lamb, respond positively, is worth all the praise.

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