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Kiliki wine
253 - - -
In fact it is a biscuit with jam. Kilicli these products were called in the original. Simple, loose and layered the cookies with the addition of red wine.
Glazed pork ribs
212 - - 4
It seems to me that on the Christmas table this dish will take a worthy place!
Cherry pie
199 5 - -
The holiday of summer!!!!
Liqueur homemade French
198 4 - -
French liqueur can be used to prepare mixed drinks. Especially tasty grog and tea with a French liqueur. French cooks, in addition, run this liqueur sauces, add it to the syrup for impregnation of cakes, cooking it exceptionally flavorful jelly.
Cake "First love"
184 - - -
Recently my beloved daughter literally flew on the wings, and said, that, probably, fell in love, and most importantly - it is mutually))) And yet, the boy will come to us to get acquainted. Here it is - the real spring! Spring in the yard, spring in the heart))) Oh, I can't imagine how I was shaking hands and legs, and in honor of this joyous occasion I decided to bake a cake, which had long dreamed of, but there was no reason to bother. He is the same gentle, timid, airy and intoxicating as first love, spring, happiness. So, I invite you to enjoy a piece of cake, not sugary, moderately sweet, mousse with a dark chocolate mousse with white chocolate and a layer of pear mulled wine. The idea is Ruletka. Oh, the weakness I have for Solanum cakes ))) I Wonder? Come on in, help yourself...
Honey-cinnamon cake "Mulled wine"
171 - 50м 12
Offer to cook a cake with the taste of honey, cinnamon and red wine that will remind you the taste of mulled wine on a frosty night. This signature recipe from my mom.

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