The dough custard

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Fir tree, fir tree, forest aroma
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Came to visit me character 2012 Dragon. Was he a big sweet tooth...
"Frosty evening"
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Long thought - whether to spread this recipe... but decided to post. Prepared cake back in November, so not the entire Assembly process and once it is not as such flour cakes only decorations choux pastry. But it is very light, vegetable and is designed in the form of cake. Hope you like it. For the contest "Christmas style".
Snack strudel choux pastry
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(holiday version) I had been "hooked" on the rolls - a quick and tasty snack. So I bent over stuffing That loved her husband most. At first it may seem that the toppings a lot (in fact, the way it is - I took double the norm), but the result was worth it - soft, delicate and very tasty.
Bread rye-wheat custard
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Custard bread from rye (60 %) and wheat (40 %) of flour. Bread is one aisle and from the Borodino, Riga, Karelia, Narochansky bread. Quite difficult to prepare, but very delicious bread.
Cake "Tenderness" with sticks and custard meringue
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Delicious cake with meringue, sponge cake and custard with chopsticks. Prepared a half portion of what was sorry - he is just gorgeous
The Choux Pastry (Profiteroles)
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The origin of this ancient dessert there are many legends. I am not going to tell, but will share a favorite recipe.

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