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What to cook from Tartlet more

Tartlets of cod liver "Unpleasant"
0.6k 4 20м 17
Delicate and unique dish. Looks very good on the table. Taste the quality.. I can't pass.. very tasty.
Tartlets with cheese, tomatoes and herbs
318 4 10м 8
A very simple appetizer for summer get-togethers. Very fast, very easy, very tasty and no Mayo (which is very important for the summer heat).
Appetizer "Friday the 13th"
285 4.5 6м -
Friday the 13th... what?! - that's right, a bunch of evil: vampires, zombies... etc. Scary??? - Do not be afraid!... in every evil there is a justice - these little rysunki with garlic... get rid of the bad and evil forces...
Tartlets with crab and cheese cream
191 - - -
Tartlets with crab-cheesecake - original appetizer for the holiday table.
Mushroom julienne Ocean breeze
182 - 30м 6
Festive dish.
Mousse of tuna baskets
178 3 30м 3
Of course, to serve this mousse not only in baskets - you can serve it just on a bread toast, sprinkled on top of chopped onion. But for the holiday table, you can still come up with something more interesting... like this and bind this dish! Mousse of tuna - very tasty and tender. You can also use for stuffing snack bars, cakes, eggs, or tomatoes, and much more...

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